Reference to other Policies

A number of organisational and curricular plans and polices help support the aims of this Code of Behaviour: 


  •  SPHE plan
  •  Anti-bullying
  •  Harassment
  •  Sexual harassment
  •  Enrolment
  •  Home/School links
  •  Health & Safety
  •  Special Educational Needs
Success Criteria

  Parents and teachers are a dominant influence on the lives of children and for this reason the school holds as an ideal that parents and teachers will model good example at all times.

 The success of this Code of Behaviour will be reflected in the positive atmosphere in the school.

 This Code of Behaviour will serve to enhance the channels of effective communication that already exist between parents, children and teachers.

 All members of the school community will display respect for one another in accordance with the school rules as outlined during this policy.