The Green Committee was organised and set up by Mrs Fiona Hannon in October 2012 and involves children from first class upwards.

Committee Members:

Mrs Fiona Hannon (Teacher and Green School Coordinator) Tim Fitzgibbon: Caretaker   Eilish Burgess (SNA)

1st Class: Amy Dalton, Luke Twomey, Abbie McDonnell and Max Collins

2nd Class: Cian Looney & Leah Relihan

3rd Class: Dean Fitzharris & Grace Dalton

4th Class: Daniel Looney & Sarah Caldwell

5th Class: Siobhan Burke & Peter Noonan

6th Class: Kevin Barry & Michaela Chawke 


 Meetings are held on a fortnightly basis where the committee discuss the progress of actions already taken and come up with new ideas on how to further improve the recycling in the school. A compost bin was recently added to the school grounds and a guest speaker Donal Hayes was brought in to explain how the whole system worked.

The pupils are very proactive in the recycling of litter that comes into the school and have devised a system of waste bins placed in each classroom so that items of recyclable/ compostable and waste items are disposed of in the appropriate place. Each lunchtime pupils take turns to empty the bins from the classrooms and ensure that everything is disposed of properly. They also use litter pickers to check the school playground for any litter that may have been dropped on the premises.

A composter and a leaf mould system to help breakdown fallen leaves etc have also been brought into the school and the children are responsible for helping to maintain these.

The committee also includes the wider community in their efforts for example by  sending letters to the parents suggesting  that they make a small few changes when preparing pack lunches for example not using cling film or foil to wrap sandwiches in.

Since the introduction of these measures (particularly the composting) the volume of rubbish going to landfill has been drastically reduced and recycling volume has increased as shown in the table below:


 Compost Table
   Waste Type Start date for period over which waste consumption was calculated

Finish date for period over which waste consumption was calculated

Number of school days in this period Compost Weight Cost (euro's) Means of measuring waste consumption
Year 1 (review)   General Waste  Monday 19th November Friday 23rd November 5 7.5 kgs   Weighed the bins
 Recycling  Monday 19th November Friday 23rd November 5 5 kgs   Weighed the bins
 Composting  Monday 19th November Friday 23rd November 5 Composting non existent    

Year 2

(latest figures)
 General Waste  Monday 4th November  Friday 8th November 5  2kg   Weighed the bins
 Recycling  Monday 4th November Friday 23rd November 5 6kg   Weighed the bins
 Composting  Monday 4th November Friday 23rd November 5  2kg   Weighed the bins



 The Principal along with pupils and parents also initiated a gardening group which involved the planting of flowers and vegetables on the school grounds. This is an activity that the children enjoy and has, along with academic topics such as learning how materials decompose and what processes are involved in this provided the pupils with an understanding of how important it is to help protect our environment for the future.

Going forward the school aims to maintain its current procedures and to look into introducing more initiatives for example the conducting of arts and crafts lessons using recycled materials and involving the wider community such as in recycling mobile phones and ink cartridges.