This document outlines the processes & procedures which the Shanballymore National School Parents Association has agreed to implement to assist in the smooth running of the PA community.  These will be broken up into a number of different areas.


Finance Related Items

Request for funding 
  • All requests for funds are to be made to the committee well in advance of when required,
  • Requests should detail
    • Supplier
    • Costing
    • Justification 

(Note: request form template available)

  • The request will be discussed at the next committee meeting and a decision provided to requestor in a timely fashion after. (no later than 1 week)
  • In the event of an emergency request – then an emergency meeting of the committee will be made.  A quorum of 5 members required and must include the Treasurer and Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson. 

Signatures for Management of the Post Office account.

  • 2 signatures will be required to withdraw monies from the Parents Association Post Office account.  These will be the Chairperson and the Treasurer.
  • A single signature is required to lodge monies into the account.  This can be either the Chairperson or Treasurer.

Maintaining Receipts

  • Receipts are to be kept on file for a min of 7 years. (as per advice from Revenue)
  • Receipts will be archived at the end of each committee year and placed in the school filing room prior to hand-over to the new committee.

Auditing of Books prior to AGM

  • An independent audit will be conducted on the accounts prior to the AGM.
  • The auditor will not be a member of the Parents Association and will be agreed upon during a committee meeting.


General Operation
Decision Making 
  • All major decisions should be made during a committee meeting.
  • A quorum of 5 people required and should include the chairperson or vice-chairperson
  • All decisions must be documented. If the secretary or vice-secretary is unavailable then another member of the meeting will document and present to the Secretary for inclusion in the meeting minutes folder. 
  • It should be noted that decisions will be taken on a case by case basis, some can be made within the committee meeting, where as others will have to be put to the wider Parents Association members in an appropriate fashion, e.g. during an open meeting or as part of an open poll/survey.
  • If a Parents Association member has a concern with regard to a decision which has been made – then they can bring this up during an open meeting of the Parents Association or follow the comments & suggestion process.
Comments & Suggestions 

Should a parent have a Comment/Suggestion/Complaint about an event organised by the Parents Association or by the action of a Parents Association Committee member, acting on behalf of the committee, then they should follow the following procedure:


  • Complete the suggestion form (template available) and place the signed form into the provided locked box available at the school. It must be noted, that un-signed complaints will not be considered or entertained.
  • Complaints will be collected and filtered by the Chairperson ONLY and valid submissions taken to the next Committee meeting where they will be discussed.
  • Examples of invalid complaints include but not limited to:
    • non-signed entries, 
    • entries from children’s pranks,
    • items related to the school BUT not related to PA committee organised events/business,
    • Actions/behaviour of PA committee members acting outside of committee business.
    • A response will be provided to the submitter in a timely fashion after the meeting.  No later than 1 week
    • For emergency items the Chairperson can be contacted and he/she will decide if it requires an emergency committee meeting or if another/temporary course of action can be implemented.  This will be agreed with the submitter and acted upon.
    • All complaints in relation to financial matters or requests for refunds MUST go through a committee meeting.