This year our Green School theme is ENERGY. We will hopefully find lots of ways to reduce our energy output. We plan to do this by conducting an audit and putting in place an action plan for improvement.

During the summer holidays the windows in the school were replaced by double glazed windows. Already we notice the difference this has made. The school is far more cosy now and less draughty. Hopefully, now we will see a reduction in our heating bills as a result of this major improvement.

Our Green Schools Committee comprises of pupils from 1st class to 6th class. All the members work very hard. Mrs Hannon coordinates the programme and meetings are held once a fortnight.

Although the committee works together to improve our school we continue to remind all the children that they have a part to play. they are all part of the 'Green Team' at Shanballymore NS. We encourage the children to be energy efficient in their homes too. Please see our article on energy saving tips.