This is a co-educational National School in the Parish of Doneraile with the Bishop of Cloyne as its Patron.

Our Characteristic Spirit

We respect the unique and intrinsic value of every person: child, parent, teacher,staff and all who visit this school. We are committed to excellence and continually improving the quality of teaching and learning. We seek to act justly and responsibly in all our relationships. We believe that a knowledge of and a personal realtionship with God gives meaning and purpose to life. Our school is a Christian faith community, which prepares its Catholic pupils as full and active members of their parish.

Our Policies

  • The policies, practices and attitudes of the school are inspired by the values of the Gospel. Our school provides an inclusive learning environment, responsive to the background and needs of all pupils. We strive to provide additional support for any child with a learning disability or difficulty.
  • The school collaborates with the home in leading young people to the fullness of their potential.¬†
  • We strive to create a centre of excellence where professional standards are maintained and where pupils learn in a safe and happy environment.
  • The school's Code of Behaviour reflects the Christian values of fairness, forgiveness, reconciliation and new beginnings.¬†
  • In partnership with the home and the parish we seek to nurture the Catholic faith through religious education, prayer and preparation for the Sacraments¬†