When planning holidays, do try to avoid breaking into term time.  Which may affect children’s progress and undermine their confidence. If a child is absent for twenty consecutive days the name is taken off the roll book.


During the school day must be  kept to a minimum. The school day is short and every minute is valuable. Telephone calls about children’s absences, dental appointments etc cause least disruption when they are made before 9.00 am or at break time. The secretary is in the office from 9am to 2.15pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


We now operate a rental scheme for the senior pupils. There is a partial rental scheme for pupils up to first class. Pupils must treat school books with respect. Children’s books should be covered and kept clean to encourage neatness and pride in their work. Books which are seriously damaged will have to be paid for in full.


Parent Teacher meeting will take place once a year either in the Autumn Term or Spring Term. Additional meetings will be called for First Holy Communion and Confirmation etc. Parents are welcome to call to the school if they wish to discuss anything. Please try to meet teachers before 9.00 am or after 2.40 p.m.


€55 or €1.50 per family per week is collected to pay costs of photocopying and for art materials.



We are very fortunate to have both a Resource Teacher and a Learning Support Teacher available to the children in our school on a daily basis. The Resource Teacher will work with children who have been assigned designated hours as a result of a special education need. The Learning Support Teacher may work with small groups of children or with an entire class group in various areas, in particularly English and Mathematics.


Shanballymore N.S. has an active Parents Association, which is affiliated to the National Parents Council.

The aims of the Parents Association are to:

  • Represent the view of parents.
  • To inform parents of developments in education and in the School.
  • To Foster co-operation between parents, teachers and the Board of Management.