Summary of Main Strengths

  • Teaching differentiated to meet the needs of pupils


  • Effective timetabling of Maths to facilitate team-teaching


  • Teachers like teaching Maths


  • Maths resources in all strand areas


  • Parents are happy with the teaching of Maths in the school






Summary of Main areas requiring improvement

  • Development of problem solving skills


  • Development of structured table’s programme and additional emphasis on computation


  • Advance the use of additional resources for the teaching of Measure and allocate specific blocks of time for Measure each year.


  • Introduction of the appropriate level of Maths language in each class


  • The provision of information and guidance to parents as to how they can best assist their child at home in the area of mathematics.


The development of math language throughout the school, with particular emphasis on measures, especially capacity, time and money.


  • The promotion of positive attitudes towards mathematics in the school.


  • The review /possible amending of the school’s ‘Mathematics Policy’ and the continued monitoring of same.








Action Required

Persons Responsible

Timeframe for actions

Review Dates




Improvement targets

  • SIGMA-T the three tracker children will improve by 5% in the problem solving area and by 5% in the computation process skills over the course of three years


  • SIGMA-T- the three tracker children will improve by 2% in the Measure strands over course of next three years.


  • Facilitate purchase of maths equipment

All Class Teachers




All Class Teachers




September 2015- June 2018

Autumn 2015



Required Actions (related to teaching and learning that will help to achieve targets)

i)        Structured approach to teaching tables (2 and 2 is 4, 5 take 2 is 3, 4 times 2 is 8, 10 divided by 2 is 5)

ii)       Implement RUDE as the problem solving procedure at each class level supported by the Problem Solving Toolkit.

iii)     Review current inventory of Maths resources for Measure and Shape & Space  and provide additional resources where necessary

iv)     Timetabling of the strand units within Measure to ensure each strand unit is given appropriate time

v)       Direct parental involvement-

  • Assisting with the learning of tables at home
  • Playing math’s games with the pupils in the school

All Staff


All Class Teachers


SNA & Principal


All Class Teachers


All Staff

Term 1,2,3


Term 1,2,3


Term 1


Term 1


Term 1,2,3


May/ June




The focus on three aspects of Measures will be as follows:                                              i)Capacity / associated problems – 2015/2016

                                                           ii) Money / associated problems -2016/2017

                                                       iii) Time/associated problems – 2017 /2018

Success/Criteria measureable outcomes

vi)     Teacher-designed assessments for the recording and monitoring of pupil’s mathematical progress.

vii)   Baseline for computation (work sample Sept & June)

viii)  SIGMA-T Results

ix)     Tables Tracker

Monitor and Review

x)       Progress/ challenges will be monitored and reviewed regularly by teaching staff at Croke Park Hour meetings throughout the year and in June of 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18.

xi)     Modifications / amendments to the school’s Mathematics Policy and School Improvement Plan will be agreed and ratified by the Board of Management and applied by the teaching staff.